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Consultation and Design

Site Planning

We provide consultation at any stage of site planning and development, from selection of a site, to planning for Low Impact Development (LID), through oversight of construction, and finally through installation and commissioning of water management systems:

Site Review, Assessment & Selection Assistance

Site Plans, Low Impact Development (LID) Strategies and Development Oversight

Systems Research and Planning, including Performance and Water Use Analysis

Pre-Construction Consultation — with architects, installing professionals, and officials

Permit Process Guidance

We provide consultation, planning and design, and project management and materials required for environmental and mechanical systems that will help restore your site to pre-built functionality. We work with clients in similar ways as above in Site Planning. We will review the site and assess its hydrological flows. We review topographical, geological, meteorological, solar and social factors. We recommend holistic, integrated strategies that fit within budget constraints.We provide consultation and plans for your project or system, cost estimates, CAD design plans and construction details, specialized materials, oversight of installation and commissioning. We can provide full project management including permitting, selection of qualified professionals and construction oversight. Common projects and systems include:

Site plans (LID)

Drainage Plans

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Gray Water Recycling Systems

Vegetative Structures, including "green" roofs and walls

Sustainable Landscape Design, including Rain Gardens

Permeable Hardscapes

Soils Management Plans


Mike Broili, owner and principal designer, is a compelling speaker and educator. He is locally recognized as an expert in the sustainable building field and can bring a fresh perspective and passionate voice to your seminar. See our Education page for more details.

Hydrological Restoration