Michael Broili, principal of Living Systems Design, is a passionate proponent of sustainable development. In 1997 he put his beliefs and considerable skills to work and established Living Systems Design, a consulting and design company specializing in water management. Living Systems Design offered positive and sustainable solutions to many of the issues surrounding our most valuable and most abused resource, water.

Working with local communities, organizations, builders and homeowners, he developed systems that mitigated existing storm water runoff problems; helped homeowners solve gray water waste issues using earth-friendly and natural materials and concepts; helped homeowners and small businesses conserve water through rainwater harvesting; and designed water programs that helped restore damaged ecosystems.

As the company grew, Michael reached out to the community with practical training programs and lectures that raised awareness about the need to wisely use and conserve our valuable water resource. These programs were offered to individuals in the community as well as to schools, businesses, cities and counties that were looking for insight into ways to help solve water problems inherent with the growth of their respective organizations.

Michael's credentials include:

Certified Low Impact Development Advisor

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor

Certified Permaculture Consultant/Educator

Certified King County Forest Advisor

Certified Washington Native Plant Steward

Associate Degree in Forestry

Associate Degree in Horticulture

Certified Compost Facility Operator



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Michael Broili


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Living Systems Design Offers Michael Broili's years of experience and expert knowledge of site hydrology, native habitats, plants and landscaping design, wall, roof and surface materials and design, electrical and plumbing materials and design, and mechanical and construction materials and design. He is assisted part time by Sheri Berkman, who brings clear thinking, a strong sense of organization and a commitment to customer service to the company.

Our spectrum of skills and expert knowledge makes Living Systems Design uniquely qualified to give you the guidance you need to achieve your water management goals. We are pleased to provide references and an outline of Michael's qualifications. Contact Us for more information and the full scope of services we provide.